Friday 11/19: GoodPeople & Windmill Networking Groups Joint Event

LinkedIn Groups GoodPeople Japan & Windmill Networking are holding a Joint Event…

What: An Izakaya Club Networking Dinner
Where: Ebisu
When: Friday November 19th

Proposed by GPJ member Daniele Cereghino, also a member of Neal Schaffer’s ‘Windmill Networking / Izakaya Club’, here’s a joint event you’ll want to RSVP early, to ensure a spot.

From Daniele:

GoodPeople is known for the high quality and the focus of its meetings: unlike huge events for collecting cards, I personally appreciate the real strong spirit and commitment of all the members for helping each other.

Some of GoodPeople members already know Neal Schaffer, not only as an expert if not evangelist of LinkedIn, Social Media networking & Social Media marketing, but also as a very good person: he is the founder of Windmill Networking and the Linkedin Group of the same name, where members follow the same philosophy (some of us share both memberships). Based in US these days, Neal visits Japan often, having lived & worked here for many years.

There will be a meeting in Ebisu Garden Place, Nov. 19th, in an Italian Restaurant MERCATO DELLA PASTA (in Yebisu Garden Place, Ebisu) that will reserve a space for us, offering a set of Italian food and drink with a nomihodai formula: Good food, good drink, good topic and GoodPeople !

Please find all the LinkedIn Event (RSVP most appreciated) and details here:

Neal, Jason and I are sure it will be a success, especially for people who want to learn more about how to get the most from social networks, leveraging on Neal’s experience and advices.” ~ Daniele

GoodPeople Japan 2010 Bonenkai (Sat 12/18) & Shinnenkai (TBC FEB)

BONENKAI: Saturday December 18th A long, standing Lunch or Dinner (now confirmed)

I’m working on a Bonenkai and am thinking of Saturday 12/18 (EDIT: This has been confirmed see this post) and I’m leaning towards a ‘drop-in’ format either a long lunch or early to late dinner – what are your thoughts? Please email me or contact through GoodPeople Japan group on LinkedIn! Proposed venue I’ll be checking out is from GoodPeople Japan member Ami Shukla and his famous ‘The True Taste of India’ restaurant Taj Akasaka [pdf map]

UPDATE on how it went: Fantastic! We had a great group of people attend, that started with just one table-full pre-lunch at around 12pm to about 35 at it’s peak pre-dinner at 6pm and 10 people staying or turning up for the nijikai/2nd party around 9pm through to 10.30pm-ish. Perhaps around 60 people throughout the day, many more than who had confirmed. We made over 100 books for even though it wasn’t promoted as a B4B event also. Thanks one and all!

SHINNENKAI: ~~Being Rescheduled to February~~ (exact date yet to be confirmed)

I’ve identified a Shinnenkai location and am having to put the date forward due to the fact I’m heading back to Australia for a couple of weeks. Venue is El Tres ‘Rest Gallery’ (Cafe) in Gotanda (141-002, Higashi Gotanda 2-9-11, 03-6450-3356), in FEBRUARY

The reason I’d like to shoot for a Weekend is to again have more of a drop-in, stay a couple of hours and still have morning/lunch or evening/Dinner free for other plans or family/weekend commitments.

El Tres and the young manager/owner Murasawa-san, allows us to have 50-100 people come throughout the day (prob max. 80ppl at one time) and allows me to book the Venue PLUS Finger Food, for a set price, and ALLOWS BYO for drinks!

He has a Wireless Mic & a Projector so at the least I might give people who want to to do a 2-5min introduction of “who they are, what they do, how you can help them and how they can help you…” Voluntarily, only if you want to.

Please let me know your thoughts through any channel.

El Tres, Gotanda

Viral Fish Market @ Andy’s AMAZING Fish Restaurant!!

The next GoodPeople evening was proposed and is being coordinated by Mark from TradeLikeTom and is all set for:

THURSDAY 28th OCTOBER and it will double as a Beers for Books event as well!

Viral Fish Market | Where Fish meets Viral Marketing will be hosted at one of Tokyo’s most popular izakayas, called Andy’s by many (Shin-Hinomoto is its official name) which is conveniently located under the train tracks at Yurakucho.

UPDATE: We’ve secured a Set meal course available to everyone who comes for the 7.30pm Dinner Networking & Beers for Books @ 2,500 JPY p.p. (all going to Andy for the food – no cost for the event), A REAL BARGAIN and 100yen from every beer, also the same from cocktails and some other drinks will also go to Beers For Books!


From 6.00 – 7:30pm The main topic open for discussion is VIRAL MARKETING which we expect to evolve and lead to other interesting subjects such as;
– social media marketing
– search engine optimization
– community management
– web marketing

With the support of the various organizers we hope to attract a diverse and dynamic audience that can really benefit from each others presence.

From 7:30-10pm its dinnertime at Andy’s and he’ll be donating 100 yen on every drink accompanying your dinner orders towards Beers for Books. Andy’s is hugely popular and reservations are a MUST (see above!)

From 10pm – Close
its drinker’s time so drop on by late for a cold one or three and thank Andy for hosting us! No reservations required.

Between 10.00-10.30pm we’ll draw the winning raffle tickets and present the evenings prizes.

For those of you new to Beers for Books, the concept is simple: For every drink you have, 100 yen will be donated to Room to Read and that buys a treasured book for children via Room to Read.

In summary, we think this event really has all the ingredients to be a night to look back and remember – GoodPeople, GoodFish, GoodConversation, GoodBeer GoodCharity & GoodNight!

Don’t miss it!

(Text URL:

For RSVP this event is also posted on the Beers for Books homepage, on Facebook and as an event on LinkedIn for those of you who may wish to extend the invitation to others, or share this URL on Twitter: GoodPeople | Viral Fish Market | Beersforbooks event Thu 10/28

GGG is tonight (Fri Aug. 20th)! Gotanda GoodPeople Gyouza night


Friday August 20th, from 8pm ~ 10.30pm
(meet there, 5mins from Gotanda Station)

Hakata gyoza 603 gotanda
KANO Building B1F, 1-25-1 Shinagawa Nishigotanda

LinkedIn group thread:
Restaurant links:

Around 10-12 people will attend (10 confirmed) around the common theme of “Connecting GoodPeople” in Tokyo…. and enjoying delicious Gyouza!

As yet undecided if we’ll go for a Tabe/Nomihoudai course, I’ve booked initially for Ala Carte. Gurunavi have a special for 3,500 yen p.p., we’ll see if there’s consensus on arrival.

“Hakata’s famous gyoza dumpling specialist…. bite-sized gyoza dumplings are made from Ikisan Pork, raised with care in western Fukuoka.
They’re joined by our Black Pork gyoza, made with Japan’s finest Satsuma Yagoro black pork, for a double attraction.
You won’t believe the great taste of our salt sauce!! Made with specialty ingredients, each one is better than the last!”

“Connecting GoodPeople” Micro-networking events

   (Members & guests only)

GoodPeople Japan micro-events are an environment where people can really get to know each other, be clear on how people can help them, and understand how they can help others.

Why don’t you propose one, and I’ll help you make it happen!


Thu 6/17: Nepalese Curry home party (GPJ Social event)

My good friend Prakash, travel & hospitality industry professional here in Japan, would like to open his home and share his cooking prowess with interested ‘GoodPeople’ for a casual get together over wine and fabulous food in Hiroo.

I can vouch for the food by the way, both Prakash’s traditional Nepalese food, and his wife’s salads and other support dishes!

Given some people on the LinkedIn thread can’t make it we should have PLENTY of room for upto 20 people.

Comments on this event from LinkedIn were good, so although Prakash moved to Hiroshima to open a Bar & Restaurant (Kemby’s), or rather take it over, renovate and re-open, we’ll have to do another like this again soon!

Some of the comments from the LinkedIn post:

“Just wanted to say it was awesome. Thanks Jason for organizing, and Prakash you are a culinary master.
Invite me over for dinner anytime! 🙂 Seriously, I had a great time, and glad to meet you all in attendance.” ! ~ P.J.

“Just also wanted to add that people at the Curry party were great! and gave me a very helpful insight to “city people” and something about massage(!). Prakash san, again, thank you for your great food, Jason -san, thank you for starting the event, and looking forward to meeting you all again soon. If anyone has not yet add me on the list, I would love to add you guys!! ” ! ~ S.S.

“Thanks Prakash and Jason, sugokatta desu yo.” ~ P.G.

“A thousand thanks to Prakash and Jason! I thoroughly enjoyed it!! ” ~ T.M.

GoodPeople Japan Shinnenkai (Friday, Feb. 19th 2010)

Happy New Year! Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu! Kotoshimo Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu!

OK, we’re all set for the GoodPeople Japan 2010 Shinnenkai. A little late perhaps in February, but I am hoping this gives you time for your schedules to quieten down so that you can come out to one of our larger events that will be great fun and where we are always “Connecting GoodPeople”!

A bit of an Aussie theme to this party, given I’m Australian and so is the Chef at 148 Hiroo, Marcus Yip.

WHAT: GoodPeople, GoodBBQ Dinner Party!
Dips with pita bread or toasted baguette
Marcus’s Oriental Salad
Aussie BBQ (chicken and steak and sausages)
Aussie beer and wine, red and white, nomihodai for two hours
WHEN: Friday, February 19, 2010
TIME: 7.30pm, for an 8pm first service
Meet at 7.00pm, Ebisu JR station, East Exit gates, base of stairs to Atre (inside – not outside the Small  Starbucks!) OR at 148 Hiroo at 7.30pm-8pm
WHERE: 148 Hiroo
1-4-10 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku (on Meiji Dori), Tokyo 150-0012
Tel. 03-3440-1482
How much?: 4,500 yen per person

Other Details:
Restaurant URL:
Restaurant Map:

Restaurant details ( (Japanese)

Here’s a quick & easy map:

The Eventbrite system I am trying again has more options for maps and info. (Widget on the right hand side of the site)

Tax in Japan (micro-event)

Open to members of GoodPeople Japan this micro event will have around 7-10 people and a guest ‘expert’ (or two) to answer general questions and for attendees to connect and follow up with for more detail, advice and privacy.

If you’re interested in networking with a group of others interested in ‘TAX IN JAPAN’ but not yet a member of GoodPeople Japan, please contact me and we’ll see what we can do.

Not a presentation, GoodPeople Japan events are simply ‘GoodPeople’ in Japan getting together to network around a common subject of interest. This event proposed by a member, has attracted about 10 people interested to attend about 5 more who can’t make this date. We may repeat this event for others interested in networking on this subject but unable to attend this time.

WHAT:         Tax In Japan (Individual and corporations/business)
TYPE:           Meeting room style in a company office, over Pizza (no alcohol)
WHEN:        Tuesday, December 22, 2009
TIME:            8pm start

Meet at 7.30pm, Ebisu JR station, East Exit gates, base of stairs to Atre OR at Infinity K.K. office at 7.45pm-8pm

WHERE:       INFINITY KK Office, Ebisu

Infinity KK, Ebisu

Map to Infinity KK, Ebisu


OTHER INFO:    Invitation only, members and guests

Contact: Jason Ball for RSVP & additional/further confirmation

‘Micro-networking’: the main opportunity of GoodPeople Japan

The main opportunity of GPJ is for members to propose their own event themes (or just a loose subject to meet around).

I’ll keep organizing small get-togethers around the common theme of ‘Connecting GoodPeople’, but I’m also here to help you kick something off. Propose it, then work with me to get it out there to see who else is interested in the same subject.

Group Profile on LinkedIn

Perhaps you want to meet other IT professionals, or MBA’s, or perhaps you want to meet others with kids in Tokyo, you might want to meet people around the theme of minimizing tax in Japan, ‘Viral Marketing’ & Social Media, or you might want to meet people around the business opportunity represented by Mobile devices & Apps…

… whatever it is, it is only the loose subject to meet and connect with like minded GoodPeople around. You don’t need to speak or organize a speaker (but you can, we can most likely find one), there doesn’t need to be structure or a whiteboard (but why not, if you need one or think the subject warrants it) – just propose it, propose something.

I’m not going to do it all for you, but I will help you put it together and will help point people I know to the event who are, like us all, busy, maybe not often on LinkedIn, let alone in Groups, so they know it’s being proposed and they can decide whether to attend.

For more ideas, look at the list here:


If you’re ready to meet ‘GoodPeople’ in Japan now…


START: Propose a subject
NEXT: With interest, solidify style of meet up, location, broad time of day, roughly, when…
FINALIZE: As numbers grow and you get me to get the word out, finalize Date & Day, Time & Location
CONFIRM: Attendees, venue & everything

What are you waiting for?!