A few pots of stew and pints of Guinness @Kyojin Stewhouse! (Thu 5/11/2017)

I had been meaning to put together a visit to Kyojin Stewhouse for a couple of GoodPeople and what a marvelous opportunity to bring together all the Irish lads I know in Tokyo at the same time!

Sure, ‘most’ of you know each other but maybe not everyone! Plus more than one of you has not yet tried out this fine establishment!

If somehow I missed an invite to anyone Irish 😉 drop me a message quick as a flash and I’ll see if we can squeeze in one or two more!

WHAT: The Tucka the Irish! (and a few strong Peers)
WHEN: Thursday 5/11 @6:30/45pm~
WHERE: Kyojin Stewhouse
Address: ?142-0042 Tokyo, Shinagawa, Togoshi-Ginza Shotengai
Phone: 03-6426-7803
Check out the gorgeous menu here!

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