GoodPeople Japan Shinnenkai (Friday, Feb. 19th 2010)

Happy New Year! Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu! Kotoshimo Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu!

OK, we’re all set for the GoodPeople Japan 2010 Shinnenkai. A little late perhaps in February, but I am hoping this gives you time for your schedules to quieten down so that you can come out to one of our larger events that will be great fun and where we are always “Connecting GoodPeople”!

A bit of an Aussie theme to this party, given I’m Australian and so is the Chef at 148 Hiroo, Marcus Yip.

WHAT: GoodPeople, GoodBBQ Dinner Party!
Dips with pita bread or toasted baguette
Marcus’s Oriental Salad
Aussie BBQ (chicken and steak and sausages)
Aussie beer and wine, red and white, nomihodai for two hours
WHEN: Friday, February 19, 2010
TIME: 7.30pm, for an 8pm first service
Meet at 7.00pm, Ebisu JR station, East Exit gates, base of stairs to Atre (inside Рnot outside the Small  Starbucks!) OR at 148 Hiroo at 7.30pm-8pm
WHERE: 148 Hiroo
1-4-10 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku (on Meiji Dori), Tokyo 150-0012
Tel. 03-3440-1482
How much?: 4,500 yen per person

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