GGG is tonight (Fri Aug. 20th)! Gotanda GoodPeople Gyouza night


Friday August 20th, from 8pm ~ 10.30pm
(meet there, 5mins from Gotanda Station)

Hakata gyoza 603 gotanda
KANO Building B1F, 1-25-1 Shinagawa Nishigotanda

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Around 10-12 people will attend (10 confirmed) around the common theme of “Connecting GoodPeople” in Tokyo…. and enjoying delicious Gyouza!

As yet undecided if we’ll go for a Tabe/Nomihoudai course, I’ve booked initially for Ala Carte. Gurunavi have a special for 3,500 yen p.p., we’ll see if there’s consensus on arrival.

“Hakata’s famous gyoza dumpling specialist…. bite-sized gyoza dumplings are made from Ikisan Pork, raised with care in western Fukuoka.
They’re joined by our Black Pork gyoza, made with Japan’s finest Satsuma Yagoro black pork, for a double attraction.
You won’t believe the great taste of our salt sauce!! Made with specialty ingredients, each one is better than the last!”

“Connecting GoodPeople” Micro-networking events

   (Members & guests only)

GoodPeople Japan micro-events are an environment where people can really get to know each other, be clear on how people can help them, and understand how they can help others.

Why don’t you propose one, and I’ll help you make it happen!


One thought on “GGG is tonight (Fri Aug. 20th)! Gotanda GoodPeople Gyouza night

  1. Have reconfirmed booking, for 12ppl now. Gurunavi ‘nabe (hotpot) nashi’ course w/ nomihoudai @ 3,500yen p.p.

    Apparently it would be more than that with just a couple of drinks and a small spread of food. Was strongly recommended.

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