The Tucka the Irish #2 (Oct 2018)

Last year (2017) an Irish friend proposed I bring together all the Irish GoodPeople I know in Tokyo at the Kojin Stewhouse in Togoshi Ginza, Tokyo – so we did!

Let’s do it again, not least to give those that couldn’t make it a second chance, for anyone you know Irish or with a love for Ireland say, and let’s propose a few days that Kojin Stewhouse have available to fill the place, and finally we’ll ask Kieran Cashell and/or Alan Fisher himself to play a few tunes!

Oh and the food, wait ’til you see the food! Oh, here we go from last year:

As of today, Tuesday 18th September, we haven’t chosen a day. I had a day in mind but a business trip myself is threatening so I’ll put this out there to you all and ask you to choose at day by clicking on the link(s) below that best suit(s) you and we’ll choose the day the most people can come or even two days, if need be and double up this year!

WHAT: The Tucka the Irish (2)
WHEN: 6.30-45pm arrival for a 7pm Food on table!
WHERE: Kyojin Stewhouse
Address: 142-0042 Tokyo, Shinagawa, Togoshi-Ginza Shotengai
A walk from Osaki JR, Togoshi Ginza Subway, there’s buses, taxi’s and no doubt a Times-like park nearby!
Phone: 03-6426-7803

What I’d like you to do is vote for one of the dates below by clicking the vote link which opens an email to send to me. Edit the email if you have a different message, or just hit send!

Please VOTE for the day or days that suit you (more than one fine – goal to choose best day for the largest amount and chance of doing a second if enough interest in a second!

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

1) Thursday 10/11 Vote this date!
2) Friday 10/12 Vote this date!
3) Wednesday 10/17 Vote this date!
4) Thursday 10/18 Vote this date!
5) Friday 10/19 Vote this date!
6) Any of these OK! I’m OK with any of these!
Check out the fantastic menu here!

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