GoodPeople events fall into three main categories:

  • GoodPeople Japan events – larger ‘mixer’ events where I bring any GPJ group members available together to meet each other and explain the micro-events concept
  • ‘Micro-networking’ events – the main purpose of the group is for members to propose event themes/subjects, see how many people are interested and confirm a coffee/breakfast/lunch/drink/dinner meeting together around that subject (Includes Jason introducing someone to someone else in his network)
  • Social events – anytime we do a shinenkai (new year kick off party), bonenkai (end of year party) or other events without a business networking theme

Recent Events

The most common ‘micro-event’ by far is me introducing my network to each other. Ideally in person and with the hope that I’m kept in the loop and even involved where agreed. It is very common for me to introduce people I feel would benefit meeting each other, or at the request of one person to introduce them to someone in the group or within my network. (not all of my network are members of ‘GoodPeople Japan’!) You could call it:

“Jason, can you introduce me to [Good ‘person’ in Japan]?”

Other past events:

Proposed events:

Note that while these can be ‘presentations’ followed by discussion (where an authority is found and is happy to do a presentation) mostly GoodPeople events are casual, unstructured and primarily the theme is there to gather people interested in similar things & the excuse to meet. The concept of GoodPeople therefore better suits someone who proposed the event doing a short introduction about their reasons for interest & their experience, to start the ‘micro-event’ discussion off, although this is not at all mandatory.

  • Build your own website to make money – for non-techies
  • Offshore investment – navigating the Financial Advisor landscape
  • Diamonds – the basics, what you need to know
  • Recruiting GoodPeople in Japan – Using recruiters & avoiding using them
  • Alternatives to an International school – best places to send your kids when fees are restrictive
  • iPhone – a verbal owners manual (also in Japanese)
  • Wing Chun Kung Fu – an Introduction
  • Weapons of Northern China martial arts
  • An introduction to Aikido
  • Capoeira – martial art? game? music or dance?
  • Sales Basics – how relevant are the masters in Japan?
  • Sales in Japan (Series) – Sourcing & approach, presentation, closing & handling common objections, How do you close a sale in Japan?
  • The mobile industry in Japan – content, access to carriers, experience sharing
  • Starting a business in Japan – the first steps
  • Shakai Hoken and the Japanese social security system
  • Business Networking in Tokyo
  • An introduction to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Social Media in Japan
  • Social Media – what’s it really all about and how can I use it in Japan?
  • Is it time to change to a Mac?
  • An introduction to IT Infrastructure
  • ITIL – a look at the Foundation
  • Data mining and optimizing web systems
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) – and it’s business applications
  • Your health and your spine – more related than you think
  • Nihonshu – love it or leave it? Make a decision based on your own knowledge & experience
  • An Introduction to Tokyo – for longterm residents who have been ‘too busy’ (were to go, what to do)
  • Creative writing and/or loving reading – for lovers of literature
  • Hello, my name is….. Introduce yourself to GoodPeople (Inspired by ‘’)
  • Where do you want to go next? – travel locations; group brainstorming
  • Shiraz or Syrah? For lovers of this “elixir of the gods”
  • An introduction to cooking [insert your favourite ryouri (style of cooking) here]
  • Podcasting – why listen, why take part, why make them?
  • ‘Lean Office’ – simplicity and efficiency
  • Freelancing in Japan – JLance-ing?
  • China & Japan – Opportunities discussion
  • What is a ‘reverse Merger?
  • Digital SLR basics
  • I don’t play guitar – (but I own one)



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