A Tokyo based in-person business micro-networking group.

Business networking in Japan, like anywhere is important. GoodPeople Japan is about GoodPeople connecting with each other in smaller groups than most networking events tend to aim for, where people really get a chance to connect with the people there.

So rather than the common large event format, the intention is to focus on small 2-3 people face-to-face introductions, or 6-10 people casual dinners for example, around a common theme of interest – a subject which has been first proposed, and over time interested attendees and details confirmed.

GoodPeople Japan micro-events are an environment where people can really get to know each other, be clear on how people can help them, and understand how they can help others.

Simply, ‘GoodPeople’ is a central point for my Tokyo Business networking activities and to help connect Japan based ‘GoodPeople’ who know me, with each other in one spot; “Connecting ‘GoodPeople’.”

Of course I ‘Connect GoodPeople’ everywhere, however this Group & my website centralize my business networking introductions in Japan – and so ‘GPJ’ is open to people who are JAPAN BASED. There are some other restrictions also, aimed at providing an environment free from B2C promotion & sales approaches (recruitment, financial planning, MLM etc.)

In the future I intend to redevelop this site to where one of its key functions is to facilitate the proposal and management of the lifecycle of GoodPeople Japan micro-events.


Hello my name is Jason. I connect people.

What that means is I do a lot of networking, online and especially offline, in person, in Tokyo. It means I work to understand how I can help the people I meet, and consider who might be able to help them achieve that. (I also run a large Group on LinkedIn called Business In Japan which is over 10 years old and 50,000 members)

Why? I see this as one networking effort that helps the people around me, and that ultimately also benefits me. We may not immediately know someone that can help each other, however in the future we may do, will be connected and have met in person.

I also trust that one or more people I meet, will one day lead to the next job or business opportunity that I enjoy and that funds my life, a life continuing to connect GoodPeople.

How can I help you?


Is this your ‘business? How do you make money..?

Well, Networking is not a business for me as such, but all of my job changes in Japan came about through my network, and at the moment I am consulting in IT Infrastructure, a Project Management type role at a global Finance company here in Tokyo. This opportunity came about by re-engaging with my network and ‘Social Media’ was a key catalyst for this reconnection actually. This is what I do to ‘pay the bills’ and I really enjoy it.

When not employed by someone, I have in the past also earned money in a variety of ways by engaging with people, being clear when I do want to be involved, when I do want to help if it at all makes sense for me to be involved. When I was consulting on my own, this included recruiting/staffing related introductions, introductions and meeting facilitation for M & A opportunities, ‘commission-like’ success based fees for business introduction and, a bit of ‘work’ here and there where I was paid hourly for or with a lump sum at the end.

Helping connect people to other like-minded ‘GoodPeople’ that either they or I, have recognized might be able to do some business together, has led to some fantastic opportunities, not just for me I mean, and not just monetarily!

It’s awesome. I love it!

What would the ‘Blue Sky’ (ideal) goal of GoodPeople be for you, if there was one?

Besides the ongoing and ‘in the moment’ good feelings you mean? (and the ‘Social Insurance’ as someone called it the other day)

Ah, well that’s easy.

Many of the people I meet while ‘Connecting GoodPeople’ are Entrepreneurs or would like to be and think that way. Like me they’re just looking for the right opportunity, a bit of luck and right timing.

The Blue Sky goal of GoodPeople Japan would be to meet someone or a few, like minded ‘GoodPeople’ and we discuss Business ideas which become a reality. We enjoy greatly, growing the idea(s) into a successful and viable business(es), that one day delivers us each the freedom to choose what we do with our time!

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