GoodPeople Japan 2010 Bonenkai (Sat 12/18) & Shinnenkai (TBC FEB)

BONENKAI: Saturday December 18th A long, standing Lunch or Dinner (now confirmed)

I’m working on a Bonenkai and am thinking of Saturday 12/18 (EDIT: This has been confirmed see this post) and I’m leaning towards a ‘drop-in’ format either a long lunch or early to late dinner – what are your thoughts? Please email me or contact through GoodPeople Japan group on LinkedIn! Proposed venue I’ll be checking out is from GoodPeople Japan member Ami Shukla and his famous ‘The True Taste of India’ restaurant Taj Akasaka [pdf map]

UPDATE on how it went: Fantastic! We had a great group of people attend, that started with just one table-full pre-lunch at around 12pm to about 35 at it’s peak pre-dinner at 6pm and 10 people staying or turning up for the nijikai/2nd party around 9pm through to 10.30pm-ish. Perhaps around 60 people throughout the day, many more than who had confirmed. We made over 100 books for even though it wasn’t promoted as a B4B event also. Thanks one and all!

SHINNENKAI: ~~Being Rescheduled to February~~ (exact date yet to be confirmed)

I’ve identified a Shinnenkai location and am having to put the date forward due to the fact I’m heading back to Australia for a couple of weeks. Venue is El Tres ‘Rest Gallery’ (Cafe) in Gotanda (141-002, Higashi Gotanda 2-9-11, 03-6450-3356), in FEBRUARY

The reason I’d like to shoot for a Weekend is to again have more of a drop-in, stay a couple of hours and still have morning/lunch or evening/Dinner free for other plans or family/weekend commitments.

El Tres and the young manager/owner Murasawa-san, allows us to have 50-100 people come throughout the day (prob max. 80ppl at one time) and allows me to book the Venue PLUS Finger Food, for a set price, and ALLOWS BYO for drinks!

He has a Wireless Mic & a Projector so at the least I might give people who want to to do a 2-5min introduction of “who they are, what they do, how you can help them and how they can help you…” Voluntarily, only if you want to.

Please let me know your thoughts through any channel.

El Tres, Gotanda

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