Viral Fish Market @ Andy’s AMAZING Fish Restaurant!!

The next GoodPeople evening was proposed and is being coordinated by Mark from TradeLikeTom and is all set for:

THURSDAY 28th OCTOBER and it will double as a Beers for Books event as well!

Viral Fish Market | Where Fish meets Viral Marketing will be hosted at one of Tokyo’s most popular izakayas, called Andy’s by many (Shin-Hinomoto is its official name) which is conveniently located under the train tracks at Yurakucho.

UPDATE: We’ve secured a Set meal course available to everyone who comes for the 7.30pm Dinner Networking & Beers for Books @ 2,500 JPY p.p. (all going to Andy for the food – no cost for the event), A REAL BARGAIN and 100yen from every beer, also the same from cocktails and some other drinks will also go to Beers For Books!


From 6.00 – 7:30pm The main topic open for discussion is VIRAL MARKETING which we expect to evolve and lead to other interesting subjects such as;
– social media marketing
– search engine optimization
– community management
– web marketing

With the support of the various organizers we hope to attract a diverse and dynamic audience that can really benefit from each others presence.

From 7:30-10pm its dinnertime at Andy’s and he’ll be donating 100 yen on every drink accompanying your dinner orders towards Beers for Books. Andy’s is hugely popular and reservations are a MUST (see above!)

From 10pm – Close
its drinker’s time so drop on by late for a cold one or three and thank Andy for hosting us! No reservations required.

Between 10.00-10.30pm we’ll draw the winning raffle tickets and present the evenings prizes.

For those of you new to Beers for Books, the concept is simple: For every drink you have, 100 yen will be donated to Room to Read and that buys a treasured book for children via Room to Read.

In summary, we think this event really has all the ingredients to be a night to look back and remember – GoodPeople, GoodFish, GoodConversation, GoodBeer GoodCharity & GoodNight!

Don’t miss it!

(Text URL:

For RSVP this event is also posted on the Beers for Books homepage, on Facebook and as an event on LinkedIn for those of you who may wish to extend the invitation to others, or share this URL on Twitter: GoodPeople | Viral Fish Market | Beersforbooks event Thu 10/28

3 thoughts on “Viral Fish Market @ Andy’s AMAZING Fish Restaurant!!

  1. Folks, better hurry!

    Probably you’ll fit from 6pm~ the discussion and brainstorming around the main theme, but unless you RSVP with a firm YES as soon as possible, you may not have a seat by 7.30pm!

    Please confirm, ideally on the LinkedIn event, and a mail to Mark from TradeLikeTom or myself.

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  2. Thought this was interesting on the Subject of Viral Video:

    The Anti-Viral Social Strategy
    (Via @PingMicro on Twitter who shares good content)

    Going viral isn’t a Social Media Strategy
    If social media is about building relationships (and it is) viral content is the equivalent of a one night stand. Even if you succeed in creating the next Old Spice Man or Subservient Chicken you’ve poured precious time and resources into a one-hit wonder. Proctor & Gamble and Burger King can afford this…..

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  3. Thanks all for coming out last night, braving the rain & early wintery weather!

    We had double the turnout expected for the 6pm brainstorming discussion about Viral & web marketing, SEO & Social Media Marketing, 20 people attended.

    For the dinner & beers for books networking there were 46 initially with quite a few more people turning up just for drinks in the latter part of the evening.

    A great night.

    Regarding the subject discussion – it doesn’t have to stop there. There doesn’t have to be another large similar one again (but can be of course, more than one) – why not each out to the people there you connected with most and continue the conversation?

    Let me know if you need my help, thanks again to everyone! Very special thanks goes to:

    Andy from Shin-Hinomoto! Thank you so much for the venue, the 2x Donations of prizes for BeersforBooks (fresh fish, delivered to your door!) and by matching the money raised with more donations from Shin-Hinomoto!

    The food, as always, was also AWESOME!

    Regarding the VIRAL MARKETING brainstorming…

    I’ve posted a discussion on this subject to open it to a wider online audience in Business In Japan. If you’re not a member there, I highly recommend you join. It’s 30x Bigger than GoodPeople, (which is more about meeting B2C & in person, in Tokyo/Japan) and more focused around online interaction due to the huge numbers and many overseas members with an interest in Japan. [BIJ: 4500+ Japan based members, 11700+ worldwide]

    Please jump in to this Discussion on Business In Japan (BIJ) and keep going where we left off once the fantastic food came out! 😉

    BIJ Discussion

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