[BISxBIJ EVENT] Sep 26 (Mon): Business is Social x Business in Japan, @ANA, Akasaka, Tokyo

Improving conditions for women in the workforce in Japan

Our two speakers this month will be discussing the difficulties and solutions to work/life balance within Japanese companies with a focus on women in the workforce. We have all read that women, not immigration, will be the solution to Japan’s economy. How will this be achieved? Arrow Arrow, and Work Life Balance will give us insight into the future of company work in Japan.

We are very excited for this next event as we continue to build a diverse group of speakers and topics with the BISxBIJ event series.

This will be our first event in Japanese Paul Hintgen has been kind enough to do real time translation into English for the non-Japanese speakers in our audience.

WHAT: Improving conditions for women in the workforce
WHEN: Monday, September 26th, 19:30~
MAPS LINK: https://goo.gl/maps/Dq5zKfQzFhx
WHERE: MIXX Bar & Lounge, 36F ANA InterContinental, Akasaka, Tokyo
COST: 2,000 yen (includes 1 drink)

RSVP: https://businessinjapan.doorkeeper.jp/events/51558


1. Chihiro Unno is the joint managing director of the NPO Arrow Arrow, a Tokyo based NPO that offers consulting to companies with female workers who are in the early stage of pregnancy or recently became mothers. Arrow Arrow helps these companies review these employees work and responsibilities, find inefficiencies, cut overtime and create a plan for these female employees to return to work after taking their maternity leave.
Having worked in mid-sized companies prior to joining Arrow Arrow she herself encountered a completely unsupportive work environment that forced women to choose between career and having a significant life event like having a child. She is passionate about creating a society in Japan where women can make their own decisions regarding work/life that doesn’t force them to sacrifice one over the other.

In her talk she will describe the current state of women’s issues in the workforce in Japan, especially among SMEs, and will discuss some of the trends where progress is being made as well as the steps needed to progress further.

Japan Times article on Arrow-Arrow: Making life easier for working moms

2. Yumiko Onishi is a consultant at Work Life Balance K.K., a Tokyo based consulting company that supports Japanese firms and public sector organizations reduce overtime as well as create policies to support women’s empowerment and leadership.Work Life Balance
She herself as deep experience working with large firms in the financial services, logistics, IT and manufacturing industries. In the public sector her clients include the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and several ward governments in Tokyo (Adachi-ku, Koto-ku etc.)

In her talk she will delve in the issues of work-life balance that concern large firms and the highest levels of the Japanese government as well as how her company is adapting to match the growing demand for work life balance and women’s empowerment solutions in the market in Japan.

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