[BISxBIJ EVENT] Oct 24 (Mon): October Networking Event: Expanding Your Business Beyond Borders, @ANA, Akasaka, Tokyo

Speakers this month will speak about Market Entry and “building business beyond borders”.

Fariza Abidova will introduce her global B2B business platform start up, Trusted Corporation. Ichiro Minamikawa will discuss why working with the Japan Market Entry Association is a good idea for foreign companies wanting to break into the Japanese market.

WHAT: Business is Social x Business in Japan October Networking Event: Building Business Beyond Borders
WHEN: Monday, October 24th, 19:30~
MAPS LINK: https://goo.gl/maps/Dq5zKfQzFhx
WHERE: MIXX Bar & Lounge, 36F ANA InterContinental, Akasaka, Tokyo
COST: 2,000 yen ?one drink is included in the price?


Fariza Abidova
CEO & President of Trusted Corporation
CEO & President of SOPHYS Corporation

Fariza will be discussing her B2B business platform start up Trusted Corporation. Linked in for companies.

Trusted Corporation developed a membership-based, pre-screened cross-border B2B platform primarily for small and midsize companies of any industry/country.
The platform makes it possible to find business partners without middlemen and to reach any company’s stakeholders directly. Customers benefit from direct sales leads and interesting collaboration offers from abroad.
The Trusted platform also offers opportunities for marketing and branding to the global market.

Trusted Inc.

Fariza would like to meet with:
– CEO and Executives of Small to mid-sized companies who are searching for business opportunities in Japan and foreign markets
– Companies who want to reduce the time and cost of retaining brokers to reach potential partners to develop business abroad
– Companies who want to enhance their brand by marketing themselves on a peer-to-peer platform
– Companies looking for big data in target markets
– Companies that see the growth opportunity abroad and wish to leverage technology in their pursuit

Fariza has wide knowledge and experience from cultures in the EU, Middle East, Russia and Asian countries, as she grew up in the multicultural and multilingual environment of Uzbekistan. She speaks 7 languages fluently (English, Japanese, Russian, Uzbek, Tajik, Persian, and Turkish).

Fariza graduated with honors from Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages, majoring in English and Japanese linguistics.

Fariza’s research focused on cross cultural communication and international relations under the scholarship of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).
She established SOPHYS Corporation after experiencing working in major Japanese companies. Currently providing business solutions to Global Japanese companies (Keidanren, NEC, NTT Group and others) regarding cross cultural awareness, and practical business and communication skills necessary for a global business environment.

Fariza provides corporate training for foreign employees of Japanese companies based on her business experience in Japan. Her goal is to create a mutual understanding between Japanese and foreign workers within the office.

Fariza’s current project leverages her deep knowledge of Japanese language, economy, business culture, and international markets. She is developing an IT B2B platform to promote successful cross -border business growth.


Ichiro Minamikawa

Minamikawa-san will be talking about the Japan Market Entry Association. He will discuss the types of businesses that benefit from JMEA consultation, and common misunderstandings foreign businesses have before entering the Japanese market.

Japan Market Entry Association
JMEA is a global association of market entry specialists. Members include government employees and international business professionals. Focus is both on inbound and outbound business development. Areas of expertise include; cross-border M&A, joint ventures, business alliances, licensing, franchising, import/export, outsourcing, greenfield, and global E-commerce.

Minamikawa-san would like to meet with:
– Any person or company interested in inbound or outbound Japan business.

Minamakiwa-san is a serial entrepreneur. A pioneer in innovative gift card models, i.e. point cards, experience gift cards and, medical gift cards. He is a strategic consultant for overseas clients entering the Japan market including Fortune 500 companies such as Walmart and internet ventures such as Giftcertificate.com. as well as many European companies.


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