[BISxBIJ EVENT] Sep 26 (Mon): Business is Social x Business in Japan, @ANA, Akasaka, Tokyo

Improving conditions for women in the workforce in Japan

Our two speakers this month will be discussing the difficulties and solutions to work/life balance within Japanese companies with a focus on women in the workforce. We have all read that women, not immigration, will be the solution to Japan’s economy. How will this be achieved? Arrow Arrow, and Work Life Balance will give us insight into the future of company work in Japan.

We are very excited for this next event as we continue to build a diverse group of speakers and topics with the BISxBIJ event series.

This will be our first event in Japanese Paul Hintgen has been kind enough to do real time translation into English for the non-Japanese speakers in our audience.

WHAT: Improving conditions for women in the workforce
WHEN: Monday, September 26th, 19:30~
MAPS LINK: https://goo.gl/maps/Dq5zKfQzFhx
WHERE: MIXX Bar & Lounge, 36F ANA InterContinental, Akasaka, Tokyo
COST: 2,000 yen (includes 1 drink)

RSVP: https://businessinjapan.doorkeeper.jp/events/51558


1. Chihiro Unno is the joint managing director of the NPO Arrow Arrow, a Tokyo based NPO that offers consulting to companies with female workers who are in the early stage of pregnancy or recently became mothers. Arrow Arrow helps these companies review these employees work and responsibilities, find inefficiencies, cut overtime and create a plan for these female employees to return to work after taking their maternity leave.
Having worked in mid-sized companies prior to joining Arrow Arrow she herself encountered a completely unsupportive work environment that forced women to choose between career and having a significant life event like having a child. She is passionate about creating a society in Japan where women can make their own decisions regarding work/life that doesn’t force them to sacrifice one over the other.

In her talk she will describe the current state of women’s issues in the workforce in Japan, especially among SMEs, and will discuss some of the trends where progress is being made as well as the steps needed to progress further.

Japan Times article on Arrow-Arrow: Making life easier for working moms

2. Yumiko Onishi is a consultant at Work Life Balance K.K., a Tokyo based consulting company that supports Japanese firms and public sector organizations reduce overtime as well as create policies to support women’s empowerment and leadership.Work Life Balance
She herself as deep experience working with large firms in the financial services, logistics, IT and manufacturing industries. In the public sector her clients include the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and several ward governments in Tokyo (Adachi-ku, Koto-ku etc.)

In her talk she will delve in the issues of work-life balance that concern large firms and the highest levels of the Japanese government as well as how her company is adapting to match the growing demand for work life balance and women’s empowerment solutions in the market in Japan.

Business is Social and Business in Japan intend to run events on a regular basis, so keep an eye out for more of them here on Jason’s GoodPeople Japan website or in the Business In Japan group on LinkedIn.

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[2010] Drop-in format Food, Drink & GPJ Networking Bonenkai

With the busy Bonenkai season upon us, it can be hard to organize our schedules after work or even a set date & time.
Lets face it, it can also be an expensive time of year…

Therefore for 2010 the GoodPeople Japan Bonenkai will be an easy ‘DROP-IN when you like, stay as long or as little as you like, all day Saturday flexible format!  What do you think? Leave a comment!

UPDATE: GoodPeople Japan member (a member since I launched in Jan 2009) Koichi Okubo, started his own Business Networking Group this year: Japadamy and we’re going to make this…

A joint Bonenkai between GoodPeople Japan and Japadamy!!

The concept of Japadamy is to mix business oriented people who want to do business with Japan, and once a month Okubo-san has a great event where Japanese people perhaps less confident with their English, can meet Foreigners who speak some level of Business Japanese.

Okubo-san will invite members of Japadamy to come along and mix with ‘GoodPeople’ and we can all grow our networks in Japan! I’m of course a member of Japadamy, have attended a number of his events and highly recommend GoodPeople also attend.

WHAT: GoodPeople, 2010 ‘Drop-in 12pm-8pm’ Bonenkai! [GoodPeople Japan members & invited guests]
GoodPeople Japan’s flexible event format ‘business & social Networking Bonenkai’ (End of Year Party).
This format is especially designed for you to be able to make the effort to attend and meet some GoodPeople Japan members, no excuses. Can’t make 12pm because you’re with the family? Come for dinner (there’ll be a nijikai I expect too!) Can’t make dinner? Drop in for a beer, a snack and a chat between 2pm & 6pm!
DATE: Saturday, December 18, 2010
TIME(s): COME ANYTIME between 12pm-8pm+
  • 12pm – 2pm LUNCH
  • 2pm to 6pm ‘Pay As You Go’
  • 6pm – DINNER
  • 8pm ~ NETWORKING (nijikai also probable)
Taj Akasaka (meet there)
Links to MAP, Gurunabi & [pdf map]
2-12-33 Akasaka, Minato Ku, Tokyo
Tel. (03) 6234-0888
How much?: Between Zero Yen and 3,000 yen, plus any drinks or extras off the menu you order!
If you turn up or stay for both between 12pm and 2pm or 6pm and 8pm, you will need to pay just 1-2,000 yen for the buffet(s) that will be available during those times whether you plan to eat or not, to be fair to Ami the owner (see details below)

R.S.V.P. here if you’re a definite

If not above, please R.S.V.P. using the event links at LinkedIn (ideally) or on Facebook (if nothing else) also, especially if you’re still a ‘maybe/interested’.

Details: Here’s some info about what to expect for food & drink

12:00~14:00 LUNCH (Buffet Format) @ 1000yen per person
14:00~18:00 SNACKS (limited choices) @ 500yen plates
18:00~20:00 DINNER (Buffet Format) @ 2000yen per person
20:00~ NETWORKING (no rush to leave Ami says, though we may find somewhere nearby later also)

Salads, Soups, Curries, Papadums, Rice/Rice Pilaf, Chicken Biriyani (served with Raita), Naan, Spicy Potato Balls & Wedges, Vegetable Pakoras, Chicken Lollipops, Eggplant Fritters, Pizza Naan and Desserts!

What’s being served, depends on when you arrive and what time you stay until!

12:00~20:00 The bar will operate throughout the day. GoodPeople can buy their drinks by paying cash at the bar counter.

Draft Beer 330ml: 500yen*
House wine glass: 500yen*
Select Cocktails: 700yen
Bottled Beer (Kingfisher, Corona, Asahi Black): 650yen
Draft Sour (Lemon/Grapefruit): 500yen
Umeshu/Shochu: 500yen
Soft Drinks (Oolong Tea, Ginger Ale, Coke, OJ etc): 400yen

(Plus many other drinks also available from a la carte menu at regular prices.)
*BeersForBooks ‘1 book’ donation included! All other drinks voluntary donation tins will be available

UPDATE on how it went:

Fantastic! We had a great group of people attend, that started with just one table-full pre-lunch at around 12pm to about 35 at it’s peak pre-dinner at 6pm and 10 people staying or turning up for the nijikai/2nd party around 9pm through to 10.30pm-ish. Perhaps around 60 people throughout the day, many more than who had confirmed. We made over 100 books for BeersForBooks.org even though it wasn’t promoted as a B4B event also.
Thanks one and all!

Tokyo’s biggest ever business networking event

Business In Japan Night

“How do you bring the openness and low barrier to entry of the Internet to real life networking? How do you create an event where people can come and make it what they want? How does all of this make for a good time? Business in Japan, in conjunction with Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Building Management Co., Ltd., and EGG JAPAN will show you with Business in Japan Night!”
from www.bij.ne.jp website

Business In Japan Night At The Shin-Marunouchi Building

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 from 8pm
There is no entrance fee to attend

  • 1000+ people are expected (based on turnouts of 250 then 750 the previous events)
  • We have secured the entire 7th Floor and every venue on the floor will be ready, and will offer a selection of 500 yen drinks
  • There are special meetup areas – print out PDF here: SMB 7F Floor Plan
    YOU can create your own meet ups – start asking people NOW!


So here’s where you’ll find all the information:

Poken’s event page

JExpert’s event page

Note the important points about the competition:
– you’ll need to buy a raffle ticket (1,000yen)
– It’s a combined Poken & JExpert sponsored event. They’re sponsoring for a reason; they would like you to try out their services and you’ll need to join (free), as part of the competition
– therefore, the iPad will not be drawn on the night (Check rules and conditions of the iPad give-away on JExpert.jp)
– you’ll get a free BIJ, JExpert & Poken, sponsored Poken (valued @2,480yen) as part of the draw!
– You need to ‘Poken’ with the cardboard photo of the iPad to complete the 1st part of your entry, the ‘at the event’ part
– to ‘Poken’ means to touch two devices together for electronic data exchange (you set up your profile, sharing only what social networks and contact info you want to, later). See more here.
– just as an aside, I’ve heard JExpert will be offering more iPad’s to JExpert.jp members in the coming months (upto 4 more maybe!?), for promoting the JExpert service, a bilingual project marketplace and online workplace for clients to connect with qualified experts to get projects done, and service providing ‘Experts’ to get work and earn money from delivering their services.


Check inside the BIJ group:

 RSVP on LinkedIn:
http://events.linkedin.com/Business-Japan-Night-Shin-Marunouchi/pub/231189 [LinkedIn retired their Events system in 2012]

PS. Chance to win an iPad, 32GB, Wireless model by buying a raffle ticket on the night!
Get a free, JExpert & BIJ sponsored Poken at the same time!!

Please note: The Hirameki dinner needed to be rescheduled