Business In Japan: On the way to 2020

There are a lot of Events on in Tokyo these days, or at least, it seems so if you spend any time on Social Media at all.

If you don’t go to many, but you know you would likely benefit from expanding your network in Tokyo, or if you go to lots of events, but need to manage your time to make sure you you spend it at events where you’ll meet the sort or people you’d like to…
…this event is for you!

Six or Seven Speakers, for Six or Seven mins each, about the coming Six or Seven years in Japan…

Business In Japan: On the way to 2020


  • Where is Japan & Business going in the next 6-7 years, ‘on the way to 2020’?
  • What are the expected Opportunities from the speakers perspectives?
  • What are the challenges?

WHAT: Business In Japan: On the way to 2020
WHEN: Thursday 24th October
TIME: from 7pm til late
COST: ?3,000 (includes 1 Drink+)

WHERE: RISTORAZIONE LE G.A (Roppongi, opposite MidTown)
ADDRESS: B1 AXALL Roppongi, 7-6-6 Roppongi

LE G.A Website

Come hear and meet, 6-7 of Business In Japan on LinkedIn’s core members talk, for 6-7mins each (or so) about where they think Japan is going in the next 6-7 years, what they see as the opportunities & challenges for doing Business In Japan on the way to 2020!

While the Olympics are just one factor that will influence investment, opportunity and perhaps burden on Japan’s growth and potential in the years ahead, there are so many other factors at play.

**Special Bar at the back of the event venue for post talk Q&A with speakers and to get to meet them!**

You can click through to the RSVP & Event page here, but speaker line up is:

Keynote Speaker/Presenter: Darrel Whitten
Living in Japan continuously since 1971, Darrel Whitten is managing director for Investor Networks Inc., a Tokyo-based investor relations consultancy serving over 200 listed Japanese companies.
He has a core presentation on the probable impact of the Olympics on Business in Japan.

Special Guest Speaker: William Saito
William is well-known globally as an Entrepreneur, VC, Author & member for the World Economic Forum and especially well known in Japan most recently, selected by the Nikkei as one of the “100 Most Influential People for Japan”. A sought after speaker we’re honored to have him share his views about Japan ‘on the way to 2020’!

And introducing:
Ziv Magen – talks about Japan’s exciting & profitable Property Market
Rob Pereyda – 10-year veteran of the Japanese Anime, gaming & licensing business, and founder of the BIJ group
Michael Rofe – 22yrs in media in Japan, advocate for Japan’s 2020 bid he shares on: Olympic “Faster, Higher, Stronger” dreams
Megumi Oyanagi – Director, Global Marketing for Pharma service company Quintiles in Japan, advisory Board member of the CMO Council for Asia Pacific, Social Media savvy & helping Japanese firms wanting to use the medium to expand internationally, she is also a Manager of the BIJ group in Japanese.

…and 1-2 other speakers, details currently being confirmed!

SPECIAL OFFER for spreading the word!

1 additional Drink ticket for each of up to 3 attendees (valued at up to 3,000 yen) who ENTER YOUR FULL NAME into the RSVP sign up to this event on this Doorkeeper event page!

Attendee and referrer both need to attend & you can be your own referrer – but not for a Drink ticket! 😉

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