GoodPeople micro-event, at Devil Craft in Kanda
Tue, 16 Apr 2013 19:00 – 22:00
18 people maximum [RSVP ASAP]


Booking out fast. This is the second micro-event at Devilcraft that GoodPeople Japan member Josh Barry has proposed. The first one was excellent. The introductions flowed well (though we’ll keep a tighter eye on timing this time), as did the great Craft beer…. oh, and the Pizza, wow. My first try of Chicago style Pizza and it was amazing! (Check out the Wiki on it if you don’t know Chicago Pizza!) Plus there was so much I could even take a slice home to keep the little lady happy!

In short this is a true GoodPeople meetup, where it’s kept small and self introductions required & kept short, with plenty of time thereafter to get to know each person well enough, so at the end of the meet up you have that person as a connection, well, for life if you want it.

If it seems like you’ve you missed out, please RSVP anyway. Doorkeeper creates a waiting list automatically & if someone drops out, first on the waiting list is in. But main reason is, we can start planning the 3rd one with the wait list too.

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