What if Social Media isn’t ‘all that’?

There’s a lot of talk about what it is, what it promises, where it’s heading & advice about how to use Social Media better.

I’m someone who loves it, thrives in it, uses it and unlike many, use it to take it offline & make relationships as real as possible, as often as possible, so don’t lament it’s existence at all. More I am disappointed at the missed opportunity.

If one of the goals of Social Media for the individual is connecting with people you don’t know yet (meeting, getting to know them, perhaps through others), then Social Media promises far more than it delivers…

That to me, would be clearly because of the way the vast majority of people are using it and how they view it – period. (i.e. they don’t want to do any more than they do already, don’t have strong enough motivation to, are apprehensive as it takes them out of their comfort zone). You can’t tell the market what to do after all. It may evolve somewhat but the market pretty much does what the market does.

We can complain and say it isn’t the way it’s ‘supposed’ to be or that the channels, platforms & makers of tools need to do more to help people ‘get it’ – that they ‘can’ actually {insert what they want from joining Social web channels} if they want to – but perhaps people just can’t be bothered.

There clearly is a desire to join social channels, to ~ connect/friend/add to circles/follow ~ with a lot of people, to join groups, to read, to observe – everything that takes no overcoming of fear nor too much time to do, and very little else.

Then there’s those that have something to sell, who see Social Media as only something ‘Online’ and to broadcast their self promotional messages to. {insert expletive}’s! If there was less of this, perhaps more individuals would see more value in Social Media!

That’s what I see in the behavior of the majority on all channels, even LinkedIn, even in most LinkedIn groups.

We’re all busy & all dealing with information overload, delivered to our eyes through multiple devices & mediums. Perhaps all it takes is some time for a greater % of people to use Social Media, in similar ways that they would say their physical network and as they might act, behave & pursue at in-person events – to reach out and meet new people, build rapport, spend some time together, getting to know each other & communicating, to stay in touch and maybe one day help each other out.

Then again, how many people do you know who have little or no interest in going to Business or other Networking events, are not necessarily that social, at least since they left their teens & early 20’s behind.

Perhaps the vast majority of people are pretty happy with their current circle of influence & the small, natural growth that occurs without putting in very much effort, or experiencing discomfort?

If so, what IS everybody getting out of Facebook then? 😉

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