Great read: How to Hire Top Talent [or Interview like an ‘A-Lister’] – in Japan

Now despite the Website name, GoodPeople Japan is not a recruitment firm! I have of course been involved in staffing, outsourcing, Agency Recruiting and on site / internal recruiting in an HR Department (of an Investment Bank) as well as been someone hired, outsourced and job seeking in my nine years here. So I have experience, interest and a Network in the industry.

This when I read it then, I thought it was a good, frank, straight to the point article about recruiting that can also be looked at from the Job Seekers perspective. Valid worldwide, the guys being interviewed are well known leaders in the foreign recruitment industry here in Japan (ex Wall Street Associates, now en Japan Company President & Ingenium Group CEO), and so you can be sure this advice is firmly Japan relevant. It’s really good stuff.

How to Hire Top Talent

Don’t miss the comment made about Networking to find the best people [for recruiting ‘GoodPeople’] – remember though, the same goes for finding opportunity, at good companies [‘GoodPeople’, looking for their next job or contract].

Everybody wants to hire “A” players. “They are already fully engaged with their work and happily employed,” said Mark. “That’s why they’re the best candidates.” The opposite also applies. “You don’t want to recruit the people who are eager for the job,” said Craig. “The one you want, is the one that doesn’t want to go. Because they’re usually the best.” According to Craig, a hiring manager might need to look at 50 or 100 people to find that gold nugget person. “You are going to have to look at a fair number of people because “A” players represent only 10% – 20%” of all candidates. Hiring managers must be able to reach into their virtual bench to pull out “A” players. But frankly speaking, even though I encourage my clients to do so, most people are too busy or aren’t that good at networking. This is why companies resort to advertising and to using recruiting companies.” Craig admits, “I’m sort of glad they do but I have to say the best hiring managers are not heavily reliant on recruiting companies.”

That defines both how to use a recruiting firm, AND why the average person might like to reassess their reliance on recruiting firms, only see recruiting firms as a very small part of their strategy.

Whether recruiting or job seeking, I recommend similar to what these guys for Ingenium & en Japan say in this good little article (and have read ‘Hire With Your Head’ one of the books quoted):

  1. Define who you want to hire and why you want to hire them
    [job seeker: what Industries & where you want to work & why?].
  2. Find your “A” players
    [job seeker: identify people in hiring level positions in those firms/industries, and the people connected to them].
  3. Chose your final candidates
    [job seeker: prioritize the industries, companies & people you’ll start with]
  4. Make your pitch to them in a timely and compelling way
    [job seeker: know what you’re going to say, but remember this isn’t an interview; you’re networking and at the right time, in time, the opportunity to discuss working, your job, what you’re best at and that you’re interested, will come up.]

I’ve just discovered the Beacon Reports blog “Bottom Line Tips for Residents of Japan”, on Twitter I think it was. Some good stuff on there, very interesting.

If you’ve got any questions of Job Search as a foreigner or Japanese person, or on Recruiting ‘GoodPeople’ I do have plenty of experience & some ideas to share!

Drop me a line or comment below.

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