Social Media & the new #iRun AIR

Social Media, tech gadgetry and the 2012 Tokyo Marathon come together, with the latest model of the iRun, the iRun AIR tomorrow, Sunday February 26th 2012. Um, what’s that?

To be fair, Tokyo Marathon knows Joseph Tame very well by now. He’s run Tokyo Marathon (or quarter marathon) three times before, wearing what evolved to be the now famous ‘iRun‘.*

* See the evolution of the iRun, all in one image here and the full details here

I’ve known Joseph since 2007 I think it was, when I discovered his Blog & Podcast, before he was famous ­čśë and so he happily shared a bit of info with me, for me to get the message out to people who might not yet have heard of him – and seen just what technology & Social Media can do if one (solid team) puts their minds to it!

Here┬áthen is an ‘in a Nutshell’ summary of where you can see Joseph, the latest iRun – complete with HD TV Broadcast quality video streaming (collected & re-assembled from over 4x mobile signals!) and Josephs goals for the 2012 Tokyo Marathon this Sunday:

Joseph Tame: Tokyo-based Digital Media Producer, artist, marathon runner, public speaker, consultant, trainer, inventor, husband, Apple user & change enthusiast. (And as Joseph says “Sometimes I combine all of these into one”)

The 2012 Tokyo Marathon (Official Site):

Date & Time Sunday, February 26, 2012
9:05 a.m. (Wheelchair Start)
9:10 a.m. (Elite and General Race Start)
10:50 a.m.10km Finish
16:10 p.m. Marathon Finish

The iRun AIR Livefeed:

Goals & Theme for the 2012 run: “I’m going to try and interview at least 42 people (1 per kilometer) whilst running the marathon; everyone┬átaking part has some kind of amazing story to tell and I want to share those stories with the world. When you watch a marathon on TV it’s a very one-way experience and you don’t get at all involved in all of those individual hero stories. My goal this year is to share those stories with the world, and┬áthanks to the interactivity provided by twitter allows viewers to share their messages with both the runners and others watching online.”

Charity support for Tohoku Kids through the Tyler Foundation’s Shine On! Smile Ambassador Program. Whilst many families now have roofs over their heads, for many, the disaster is far from over, especially the children. Please read & support the program. Joseph: “I joined Guy Totaro on one of his trips to bring smiles to the faces of children hardest hit, and was moved to tears by the power of his performance. By the end of his magical show even the quietest, most reserved kids had opened up, smiling, laughing and recalling how things were before the tsunami.

Sponsored by the new ‘NANOX‘ for the iPod Nano

FOLLOW Josephon the Social channel of your choice – please share with your friends & network as your way of cheering him on!

Example Tweets or updates to send (cut & paste them):

Watch out for Joseph Tame at this years #Tokyo #Marathon this Sunday. He’ll be looking like this in his latest model iRun AIR!

Wow, check out this Apple i-contraption this guys wearing in the Tokyo Marathon, broadcasting it Live on the web

Tokyo Marathon 2012 Live! | Joseph Tame wearing an iRun AIR & Broadcasting live here #Japan

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