Social Media in Japan [a #resource]

Late last year someone asked about Social Media Usage in Japan in a LinkedIn group I’m in. The request was from a girl in the US researching for a University paper she was working on. She asked a bunch of questions about Social Media use in Japan, some quite subjective and many the questions Marketing & Market Entry folks would, and do, pay good money for.

Wanting to be ‘ever helpful’ I gave her some ideas on where to start. While I’m no expert in Social Media or Japan, I am active in some Social Media channels & do have a large network here, as well as some solid ideas I think, for leveraging Search/Research, the Web & Social channels.

So as well as advising her that she might benefit from finding someone who is a native or near native level Japanese speaker to help her Google & research in Japanese, here are some People, Links and Information I shared with her to kick start her own research: *I’ve added & edited a little from the original post


Follow Dr. Serkan Toto, better still, give him a reason to connect/meet & talk to you:

  1. Web
  2. TC
  3. Twitter!/serkantoto

Follow Neal Schaffer, better still, give him a reason to connect/meet & talk to you:

  1. Web (Japan Search)
  2. Twitter!/NealSchaffer/
  3. Maximize Social Business in Japan
  4. Neal’s Japanese Language Blog specific to Japan Social Media

Follow some other people & groups active in Social Media here: (and See LinkedIn search below to find more)

Mashable rules

Mashable (Japan Search)

LinkedIn search is also your friend – so do what 90% of people don’t do on Social Media; proactively reach out and talk to people:
LinkedIn Advanced Search for “Social Media” (in Japan)
[Note: Read my ideas on how to do this effectively here – “do the hard yards”]

The guys dealing with Japan, Tech, Social media at Business Insider write good stuff. Here’s just one guy & you can ask him questions from his profile page:

  • Jay Yarow

SlideShare – Second to none the best place for a quick & dirty run down on the stats and key points on ANY subject:

  • SlideShare (Japan Social Media Search)

G is for Google …through to lots of stuff (just a start):

[ BTW, to get good at Search, a great place to start is Boolean Black Belt (Don’t let the focus on Sourcing/Recruitment distract you – brilliant knowledge shared by Glen Cathey here) ]

Aggregators are great:

  • Daily Social (Japan Search)
  • Alltop (Japan & Social Media Search)

Q&A sites are also great. Besides LinkedIn Answers, try asking the right questions & following the right people at:

Great Article on what Q&A Sites are, from the perspective of SEO and why Q&A sites good for it ]

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