My CHALLENGE to GoodPeople Japan members

Something I recently posted in a discussion thread in the Business In Japan open group on LinkedIn which I’m main admin for, to encourage people to interact more with each other around the concept of ‘Business In Japan’, is something I’d also like to suggest to GoodPeople Japan members. It’s even more relevant for GPJ because a large percent of GPJ members are in Japan and so have more of a chance to meet up in person!

So few people actually have a strategy for using LinkedIn, so this is just one idea how to start building your connections here in Japan and on LinkedIn.


Find 5 interesting people in the GPJ group, contact them publicly in a group discussion format OR privately through LinkedIn Group member contact permissions (no need to post it publicly unless you want to, of course – it’s your choice, your contact!), or email if you have it, saying you came across their profile in GoodPeople Japan.

Mention their profile was interesting for X, Y and/or Z reasons and you’re also reaching out generally, to make a connection around the common interest of ‘Connecting with GoodPeople In Japan’. Before meeting in person, which I highly recommend, why not use LinkedIn to learn a little more about each other, your possible mutual interests in Japan and get some ideas about how you might help each other or any of your connections.

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