LinkedIn Personal Plus Account

(via @nealschaffer)

I’d like to share with people who are avid users of LinkedIn, and interested in having more information and resources available to them without having to upgrade to a monthly paid membership, signing up to one of the three monthly Upgrade Options available to LinkedIn users and power users.

This is a ‘Personal Plus’ account which I trialled for free some time back. (LinkedIn gave some/all members a free 1 month trial back in 2008 I think it was, though the Service has been around since 2005).

Here’s a Blog Post from Neal Schaffer, founder of Windmill Networking, about it from November last year, though just as relevant today and indeed Neal mentioned it at a Social Media workshop he held in Tokyo last night (Nov 17th, 2010):

The LinkedIn Personal Plus Paid Account

The only difference with the current state of the Service to Neal’s Blog post, is that it is now USD $99.50 per year. (Automatic unless terminated)

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