Tokyo’s biggest ever business networking event

Business In Japan Night

“How do you bring the openness and low barrier to entry of the Internet to real life networking? How do you create an event where people can come and make it what they want? How does all of this make for a good time? Business in Japan, in conjunction with Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Building Management Co., Ltd., and EGG JAPAN will show you with Business in Japan Night!”
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Business In Japan Night At The Shin-Marunouchi Building

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 from 8pm
There is no entrance fee to attend

  • 1000+ people are expected (based on turnouts of 250 then 750 the previous events)
  • We have secured the entire 7th Floor and every venue on the floor will be ready, and will offer a selection of 500 yen drinks
  • There are special meetup areas – print out PDF here: SMB 7F Floor Plan
    YOU can create your own meet ups – start asking people NOW!


So here’s where you’ll find all the information:

Poken’s event page

JExpert’s event page

Note the important points about the competition:
– you’ll need to buy a raffle ticket (1,000yen)
– It’s a combined Poken & JExpert sponsored event. They’re sponsoring for a reason; they would like you to try out their services and you’ll need to join (free), as part of the competition
– therefore, the iPad will not be drawn on the night (Check rules and conditions of the iPad give-away on
– you’ll get a free BIJ, JExpert & Poken, sponsored Poken (valued @2,480yen) as part of the draw!
– You need to ‘Poken’ with the cardboard photo of the iPad to complete the 1st part of your entry, the ‘at the event’ part
– to ‘Poken’ means to touch two devices together for electronic data exchange (you set up your profile, sharing only what social networks and contact info you want to, later). See more here.
– just as an aside, I’ve heard JExpert will be offering more iPad’s to members in the coming months (upto 4 more maybe!?), for promoting the JExpert service, a bilingual project marketplace and online workplace for clients to connect with qualified experts to get projects done, and service providing ‘Experts’ to get work and earn money from delivering their services.


Check inside the BIJ group:

 RSVP on LinkedIn: [LinkedIn retired their Events system in 2012]

PS. Chance to win an iPad, 32GB, Wireless model by buying a raffle ticket on the night!
Get a free, JExpert & BIJ sponsored Poken at the same time!!

Please note: The Hirameki dinner needed to be rescheduled