Micro-meet up Dinner! BYO wine from your country (or favorite country)

We all bring a wine, everyone gets to try the wine everyone brings! You get to network with cool ‘GoodPeople’ who you wouldn’t normally, and it’s small enough to meet everyone.

This event is pretty much an invitation only event, plus friends of those GoodPeople, depending on numbers. We’re aiming to keep it to 8-12 people. Proposed by a GoodPeople Japan member, who along with his wife, have offered up their apartment as the venue, after the restaurant we booked for it, we didn’t communicate enough seats reserved for the event and we had to move it!

If you want to come, please email me at jason [at] goodpeople [dot] jp

A Dinner to match the Wine evening will be:
AT: Apartment of GPJ member
ADDRESS: (full address/unit number to be emailed on confirmation)
Pre-state Ishikawadai, Ishikawacho 2-Chome, Ota-ku, Tokyo 145-0061
GoogleMap link: https://goo.gl/maps/39DxYFhLfpt
4 mins from Ikegami line Ishikawadai, 12 min from Meguro Line Oookayama
DATE: Friday April 15th
TIME: arrivals from 19:00~
COST/Food contribution: 3,000-4,000 yen (hosts preparing!)
NUMBERS: we’ll stop at 8-12 people – we’re pretty close to that number now.
Attendees I expect are all GoodPeople in Banking, Insurance, Finance, Retail, and Business.

Business In Japan: On the way to 2020

There are a lot of Events on in Tokyo these days, or at least, it seems so if you spend any time on Social Media at all.

If you don’t go to many, but you know you would likely benefit from expanding your network in Tokyo, or if you go to lots of events, but need to manage your time to make sure you you spend it at events where you’ll meet the sort or people you’d like to…
…this event is for you!

Six or Seven Speakers, for Six or Seven mins each, about the coming Six or Seven years in Japan…

Business In Japan: On the way to 2020


  • Where is Japan & Business going in the next 6-7 years, ‘on the way to 2020’?
  • What are the expected Opportunities from the speakers perspectives?
  • What are the challenges?

WHAT: Business In Japan: On the way to 2020
WHEN: Thursday 24th October
TIME: from 7pm til late
COST: ?3,000 (includes 1 Drink+)

WHERE: RISTORAZIONE LE G.A (Roppongi, opposite MidTown)
ADDRESS: B1 AXALL Roppongi, 7-6-6 Roppongi

Google http://m.google.com/u/m/_AUvqU
gnavi http://r.gnavi.co.jp/a275205/map/
LE G.A Website http://www.le-ga.jp/access/index.html

Come hear and meet, 6-7 of Business In Japan on LinkedIn’s core members talk, for 6-7mins each (or so) about where they think Japan is going in the next 6-7 years, what they see as the opportunities & challenges for doing Business In Japan on the way to 2020!

While the Olympics are just one factor that will influence investment, opportunity and perhaps burden on Japan’s growth and potential in the years ahead, there are so many other factors at play.

**Special Bar at the back of the event venue for post talk Q&A with speakers and to get to meet them!**

You can click through to the RSVP & Event page here, but speaker line up is:

Keynote Speaker/Presenter: Darrel Whitten
Living in Japan continuously since 1971, Darrel Whitten is managing director for Investor Networks Inc., a Tokyo-based investor relations consultancy serving over 200 listed Japanese companies.
He has a core presentation on the probable impact of the Olympics on Business in Japan.

Special Guest Speaker: William Saito
William is well-known globally as an Entrepreneur, VC, Author & member for the World Economic Forum and especially well known in Japan most recently, selected by the Nikkei as one of the “100 Most Influential People for Japan”. A sought after speaker we’re honored to have him share his views about Japan ‘on the way to 2020’!

And introducing:
Ziv Magen – talks about Japan’s exciting & profitable Property Market
Rob Pereyda – 10-year veteran of the Japanese Anime, gaming & licensing business, and founder of the BIJ group
Michael Rofe – 22yrs in media in Japan, advocate for Japan’s 2020 bid he shares on: Olympic “Faster, Higher, Stronger” dreams
Megumi Oyanagi – Director, Global Marketing for Pharma service company Quintiles in Japan, advisory Board member of the CMO Council for Asia Pacific, Social Media savvy & helping Japanese firms wanting to use the medium to expand internationally, she is also a Manager of the BIJ group in Japanese.

…and 1-2 other speakers, details currently being confirmed!

SPECIAL OFFER for spreading the word!

1 additional Drink ticket for each of up to 3 attendees (valued at up to 3,000 yen) who ENTER YOUR FULL NAME into the RSVP sign up to this event on this Doorkeeper event page!

Attendee and referrer both need to attend & you can be your own referrer – but not for a Drink ticket! 😉

CUT & PASTE ‘Share this event’ options! (or use the buttons on this post):
#Tokyo #Event Thu 10/24 19.00~ Business In Japan: On the way to 2020 http://businessinjapan.doorkeeper.jp/events/6209

Or a quick one:
This Networking event in Tokyo looks good: http://goodpeople.jp/?p=1755


GoodPeople micro-event, at Devil Craft in Kanda
Tue, 16 Apr 2013 19:00 – 22:00
18 people maximum [RSVP ASAP]


Booking out fast. This is the second micro-event at Devilcraft that GoodPeople Japan member Josh Barry has proposed. The first one was excellent. The introductions flowed well (though we’ll keep a tighter eye on timing this time), as did the great Craft beer…. oh, and the Pizza, wow. My first try of Chicago style Pizza and it was amazing! (Check out the Wiki on it if you don’t know Chicago Pizza!) Plus there was so much I could even take a slice home to keep the little lady happy!

In short this is a true GoodPeople meetup, where it’s kept small and self introductions required & kept short, with plenty of time thereafter to get to know each person well enough, so at the end of the meet up you have that person as a connection, well, for life if you want it.

If it seems like you’ve you missed out, please RSVP anyway. Doorkeeper creates a waiting list automatically & if someone drops out, first on the waiting list is in. But main reason is, we can start planning the 3rd one with the wait list too.

Business In Japan group on LinkedIn’s 5th Birthday Party!

In early February, 2008 Rob Pereyda set up what was one of LinkedIn’s earliest groups, group number 54,168. Currently there are over 4.8 million groups on LinkedIn (I checked by setting up & closing one!), making Business In Japan in the first 2% of groups starting (1.13% to be exact) on LinkedIn, and now, 5 years on there are 35,682 members with over 10,000 of them Japan based. (this is hard, takes time to work out BTW, & LinkedIn’s ‘statistics’ are woefully wrong, possibly due to Privacy settings).


Business In Japan has held some of Tokyo’s largest events, however the real value of the group remains that there is a location you can go to online, 24/7 to read about and interact with like minded people around the subjects of Japan and Business.

And now it’s time to celebrate this 5th Year milestone & Birthday, with another large event! The venue can comfortably hold a few hundred people & there is no door charge, so why not come on down for a drink, to meet some people you’ve always wanted to, and raise a glass to Rob and the BIJ group Moderation team, myself included.

Here are the details:

WHAT: 5th Birthday for Business In Japan group on LinkedIn
WHEN: Thursday 21st February
TIME: from 7pm til late

WHERE: RISTORAZIONE LE G.A (Roppongi, opposite MidTown)
ADDRESS: B1 AXALL Roppongi, 7-8-6 Roppongi

Google http://m.google.com/u/m/_AUvqU
gnavi http://r.gnavi.co.jp/a275205/map/
LE G.A Website http://www.le-ga.jp/access/index.html
LE G. Map http://www.le-ga.jp/access/images/imagemap.png

Other Links to share please:
#Event 2/21 Business In #Japan group on LinkedIn 5th Birthday Party! http://lnkd.in/aBN-4S
5th Birthday #event for Business In #Japan group on LinkedIn Feb21 #Tokyo http://goo.gl/JSydY


  • Pay as you go (PAYG), Cash Bar/Food, ‘Cash-on’ = No Door Charge
  • Drinks from 500-800 yen, Tapas selection/food available
  • Casual, fun night with the chance to meet people from Business In Japan who are in Tokyo in person, either randomly or why not take this opportunity to reach out to people & organize to meet up there?
  • Door prizes, brief announcement from group founder & main admins


BIJ.TV http://businessinjapan.tv/
Business in Japan TV (BIJ.tv) is an online bilingual video channel about successful entrepreneurs, executives and companies doing business in Japan.

Press Release: Business in Japan TV (BIJ.tv) Launched http://custom-media.com/official-launch-business-in-japan-tv-bij-tv/

RSVP here please:

Business In Japan group on LinkedIn 5th Birthday Party!

What if Social Media isn’t ‘all that’?

There’s a lot of talk about what it is, what it promises, where it’s heading & advice about how to use Social Media better.

I’m someone who loves it, thrives in it, uses it and unlike many, use it to take it offline & make relationships as real as possible, as often as possible, so don’t lament it’s existence at all. More I am disappointed at the missed opportunity.

If one of the goals of Social Media for the individual is connecting with people you don’t know yet (meeting, getting to know them, perhaps through others), then Social Media promises far more than it delivers…

That to me, would be clearly because of the way the vast majority of people are using it and how they view it – period. (i.e. they don’t want to do any more than they do already, don’t have strong enough motivation to, are apprehensive as it takes them out of their comfort zone). You can’t tell the market what to do after all. It may evolve somewhat but the market pretty much does what the market does.

We can complain and say it isn’t the way it’s ‘supposed’ to be or that the channels, platforms & makers of tools need to do more to help people ‘get it’ – that they ‘can’ actually {insert what they want from joining Social web channels} if they want to – but perhaps people just can’t be bothered.

There clearly is a desire to join social channels, to ~ connect/friend/add to circles/follow ~ with a lot of people, to join groups, to read, to observe – everything that takes no overcoming of fear nor too much time to do, and very little else.

Then there’s those that have something to sell, who see Social Media as only something ‘Online’ and to broadcast their self promotional messages to. {insert expletive}’s! If there was less of this, perhaps more individuals would see more value in Social Media!

That’s what I see in the behavior of the majority on all channels, even LinkedIn, even in most LinkedIn groups.

We’re all busy & all dealing with information overload, delivered to our eyes through multiple devices & mediums. Perhaps all it takes is some time for a greater % of people to use Social Media, in similar ways that they would say their physical network and as they might act, behave & pursue at in-person events – to reach out and meet new people, build rapport, spend some time together, getting to know each other & communicating, to stay in touch and maybe one day help each other out.

Then again, how many people do you know who have little or no interest in going to Business or other Networking events, are not necessarily that social, at least since they left their teens & early 20’s behind.

Perhaps the vast majority of people are pretty happy with their current circle of influence & the small, natural growth that occurs without putting in very much effort, or experiencing discomfort?

If so, what IS everybody getting out of Facebook then? 😉

Great read: How to Hire Top Talent [or Interview like an ‘A-Lister’] – in Japan

Now despite the Website name, GoodPeople Japan is not a recruitment firm! I have of course been involved in staffing, outsourcing, Agency Recruiting and on site / internal recruiting in an HR Department (of an Investment Bank) as well as been someone hired, outsourced and job seeking in my nine years here. So I have experience, interest and a Network in the industry.

This when I read it then, I thought it was a good, frank, straight to the point article about recruiting that can also be looked at from the Job Seekers perspective. Valid worldwide, the guys being interviewed are well known leaders in the foreign recruitment industry here in Japan (ex Wall Street Associates, now en Japan Company President & Ingenium Group CEO), and so you can be sure this advice is firmly Japan relevant. It’s really good stuff.

How to Hire Top Talent  http://beaconreports.net/?p=611

Don’t miss the comment made about Networking to find the best people [for recruiting ‘GoodPeople’] – remember though, the same goes for finding opportunity, at good companies [‘GoodPeople’, looking for their next job or contract].

Everybody wants to hire “A” players. “They are already fully engaged with their work and happily employed,” said Mark. “That’s why they’re the best candidates.” The opposite also applies. “You don’t want to recruit the people who are eager for the job,” said Craig. “The one you want, is the one that doesn’t want to go. Because they’re usually the best.” According to Craig, a hiring manager might need to look at 50 or 100 people to find that gold nugget person. “You are going to have to look at a fair number of people because “A” players represent only 10% – 20%” of all candidates. Hiring managers must be able to reach into their virtual bench to pull out “A” players. But frankly speaking, even though I encourage my clients to do so, most people are too busy or aren’t that good at networking. This is why companies resort to advertising and to using recruiting companies.” Craig admits, “I’m sort of glad they do but I have to say the best hiring managers are not heavily reliant on recruiting companies.”

That defines both how to use a recruiting firm, AND why the average person might like to reassess their reliance on recruiting firms, only see recruiting firms as a very small part of their strategy.

Whether recruiting or job seeking, I recommend similar to what these guys for Ingenium & en Japan say in this good little article (and have read ‘Hire With Your Head’ one of the books quoted):

  1. Define who you want to hire and why you want to hire them
    [job seeker: what Industries & where you want to work & why?].
  2. Find your “A” players
    [job seeker: identify people in hiring level positions in those firms/industries, and the people connected to them].
  3. Chose your final candidates
    [job seeker: prioritize the industries, companies & people you’ll start with]
  4. Make your pitch to them in a timely and compelling way
    [job seeker: know what you’re going to say, but remember this isn’t an interview; you’re networking and at the right time, in time, the opportunity to discuss working, your job, what you’re best at and that you’re interested, will come up.]

I’ve just discovered the Beacon Reports blog “Bottom Line Tips for Residents of Japan”, on Twitter I think it was. Some good stuff on there, very interesting.

If you’ve got any questions of Job Search as a foreigner or Japanese person, or on Recruiting ‘GoodPeople’ I do have plenty of experience & some ideas to share!

Drop me a line or comment below.

10 steps to getting something out of a LinkedIn social community (Group)

A summary of advice posted by group Admin/Moderators to a LinkedIn group (Business In Japan) with over 30,00 members. A global & open group that is focused around a particular geography, that attracts many people broadcasting self promotional messages, as such groups tend to.

The opportunity of Business In Japan group on LinkedIn [BIJ] (any group really) is not 7,500+ Japan based eyes or 30,000+ eyes worldwide, looking in. Because it’s not happening – not in any great number! At any one time there are very, very few people looking. The bigger the group, the quicker the latest post slides out of view, with those with no commenting happening disappearing the quickest, and those of Broadcasted links the least commented on.

Over time, with email updates, with any new activity in a post, with someone pointing another to a post in the group, there are more of course, but it’s information overload out there in the world and we are all so busy, that the time online is at a premium and something needs to really grab our attention for us to read it, let alone respond…

Those that are looking in the BIJ group, regularly, are incredibly connected, knowledgeable and willing to help as a whole. As the group grows, as engagement and understanding of what people want grows, this community, it’s value to each other and incoming new members, will grow.

But we don’t come here to sort through a bunch of self promotional post, advertising and bloggers seeking numbers for their Google Adwords and PPC.

This makes up the majority, yes the vast majority of attempted posts in BIJ and the sad fact is 90% of people doing this wont read this Discussion post, and are missing out on the opportunity that the BIJ community offers.

If you want to achieve something with this group, regarding ‘Business’ & ‘Japan’:
[1] take a step back, think about what you want to achieve (ask ‘why’ after each answer 5-10 times)
[2] read other peoples discussions, take an interest, comment, share your experience & opinions
[3] research, research, research – what Verticals, Industries, Companies, Departments, Roles in those departments, people in those roles, any people in those companies, any people who know or might know people in all of these…
[4] stop thinking you’re online
[5] imagine you’re in a room full of people and you can go up, listen in to conversation, join them if you like, comment, share…
[6] start your own conversations around things you’re knowledgeable about, that you’re interested in, that are in line with why you are here on LinkedIn, in BIJ in the first place. Ask questions and answer them from others – it’s a two way street, more it should be 80% about the other people, 20% about you
[7] build rapport, relationships, respect… build and grow a personal brand
[8] network & contact people in a non-threatening, not all-about-me way
[9] help other people do the same, help others identify what they want and achieve it too – DWYSYWD (Do What You Said You Would Do)
[10] Ask for what you want, be clear, concise, use keywords and be as specific as you possibly can be

Let’s build a community that supports each other and helps us all get where we want to go.

Feel free to comment below with your ideas.

Understanding Personal Branding, beats ‘LinkedIn Profile’s that rock’ advice

There seems to be an abundance of information on the Web suggesting that being ‘found’ on LinkedIn is the main goal, and if you can just achieve that, then everything will start working for you…

“Whew, LinkedIn would be so easy, if I could only get my Profile looking right!”

What utter rubbish. Given the opportunity, I try to share with everyone I meet and in groups & forums related to the subject, that I believe there is a disproportionate amount of information about using LinkedIn being published, that is about doing something Passive, in the hope that by doing it, people/opportunity will come to you without you having to do much else – the ‘Build it and they will come’ and ‘post & hope’ strategies. Just Google LinkedIn or visit LinkedIn use themed groups & Blogs, and you’ll see just how much we’re swamped with such advice.

I think it’s doing an incredible disservice to folks who are trying to work out what to do with LinkedIn, to focus so much on the passive parts of using (& setting up) LinkedIn and so I’ve begun to mention and Blog about it, and about Proactive LinkedIn use.

I often labor the point a bit, so to be clear regarding my thoughts on how people view you on Social Media; I do in fact recommend learning all you can about ‘Personal Branding’ – which is nothing more or less than what other people think of you AND your ability to influence that – because a minimal understanding of Personal Branding & a quick Google about (the logistics of) setting up your Profile on LinkedIn really is, IMHO, all the time you need spend on planning your LinkedIn ‘Profile’.*

[* Unless maybe you’re looking to become a LinkedIn guru, then as I understand it, every quarter or two you need to produce 2-3 articles about tweaking your profile on LinkedIn, about being found, and about lovingly crafting a ‘compelling reason’ for others to take action rather than you, based on your LinkedIn profile. Not sure why, but it must be frightfully important because so many LinkedIn teachers/trainers/Bloggers do it. 😉 ]

So as I mentioned, Personal Branding just means what people think of you, how you are perceived, how you come across – and for people who don’t yet know you at all, at least begins to answer the basic questions that initially come to all our minds:

  • Who is this person?
  • Are there any Red flags?
  • Is he/she trying to sell me something?
  • What does he/she want from me?
  • How might this person help me?
  • What do we have in common?
  • Am I interested in anything he/she seems to be involved in?

LinkedIn is an extremely good platform and tool when used proactively, for presenting yourself the way you wish to be perceived and in answering the initial questions for people you approach or anyone who wants to know a little more about you.

From people who know you well, right through to those people who’ve just come across you, you will definitely be better prepared on Social Media if you understand at least the core aspects of Personal Branding. For this, there’s no better place to start than the Blog and perhaps the book written by Personal Branding expert; Dan Schawbel.
His Blog is http://www.personalbrandingblog.com/
His Book is Me 2.0: 4 Steps to Building Your Future.
A good little summary from Mashable: http://mashable.com/2009/02/05/personal-branding-101/

And here’s a famous article from 1997 by Tom Peters; The Brand Called You http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/10/brandyou.html

Are you in Japan? Kansai, specifically? If so, why not reach out to Peter SterlacciJapan’s Personal Branding Pioneer *** Trailblazing a Culture Shift One Brand at a Time!” and follow him on Twitter for tips on Personal Branding with a Japan perspective @PeterSterlacci

A Profile on LinkedIn set up by someone who’s read a bit of information about Personal Branding and thought about what they want to achieve, will be absolutely fine, you can skip that Webinar on clicking through LinkedIn’s menu’s and working out which Keywords to use in which text field.

While others do that, you can instead dive into learning, or more correctly I mean becoming comfortable with, taking proactive action to identify people in your network, on LinkedIn and in the World that you’d like to sit down with, have an enjoyable conversation with, build some rapport and a relationship for the future.

To LinkedIn guru’s, Trainers & Consultants who might stumble upon this earnest post

Please, the bulk of us are not idiots, we can work that simple stuff out ourselves, honestly (especially anyone who can use Google at all lets say ;-)). Please, please, share with us your strategies on actually doing something proactive on LinkedIn. On doing something that isn’t just me editing some text, posting to a group & hoping, adding an application or my High School, then waiting to see who contacts me!

Please de-cloak the word ‘Engagement’ as you truly believe it to be, and somewhere between sitting back & waiting for others, and useless broadcasting into the cloud, there’s some solid opportunity among the people I know, and the people they know.

Please share your ideas on Proactive use of LinkedIn that not only creates space for opportunity, but puts myself & someone else firmly in that space together, to communicate.

Social Media & the new #iRun AIR

Social Media, tech gadgetry and the 2012 Tokyo Marathon come together, with the latest model of the iRun, the iRun AIR tomorrow, Sunday February 26th 2012. Um, what’s that?

To be fair, Tokyo Marathon knows Joseph Tame very well by now. He’s run Tokyo Marathon (or quarter marathon) three times before, wearing what evolved to be the now famous ‘iRun‘.*

* See the evolution of the iRun, all in one image here and the full details here

I’ve known Joseph since 2007 I think it was, when I discovered his Blog & Podcast, before he was famous 😉 and so he happily shared a bit of info with me, for me to get the message out to people who might not yet have heard of him – and seen just what technology & Social Media can do if one (solid team) puts their minds to it!

Here then is an ‘in a Nutshell’ summary of where you can see Joseph, the latest iRun – complete with HD TV Broadcast quality video streaming (collected & re-assembled from over 4x mobile signals!) and Josephs goals for the 2012 Tokyo Marathon this Sunday:

Joseph Tame: Tokyo-based Digital Media Producer, artist, marathon runner, public speaker, consultant, trainer, inventor, husband, Apple user & change enthusiast. (And as Joseph says “Sometimes I combine all of these into one”)

The 2012 Tokyo Marathon (Official Site): http://www.tokyo42195.org/2012_en/

Date & Time Sunday, February 26, 2012
9:05 a.m. (Wheelchair Start)
9:10 a.m. (Elite and General Race Start)
10:50 a.m.10km Finish
16:10 p.m. Marathon Finish

The iRun AIR Livefeed: http://josephta.me/tokyo-marathon-2012-live/

Goals & Theme for the 2012 run: “I’m going to try and interview at least 42 people (1 per kilometer) whilst running the marathon; everyone taking part has some kind of amazing story to tell and I want to share those stories with the world. When you watch a marathon on TV it’s a very one-way experience and you don’t get at all involved in all of those individual hero stories. My goal this year is to share those stories with the world, and thanks to the interactivity provided by twitter allows viewers to share their messages with both the runners and others watching online.”

Charity support for Tohoku Kids through the Tyler Foundation’s Shine On! Smile Ambassador Program. Whilst many families now have roofs over their heads, for many, the disaster is far from over, especially the children. Please read & support the program. Joseph: “I joined Guy Totaro on one of his trips to bring smiles to the faces of children hardest hit, and was moved to tears by the power of his performance. By the end of his magical show even the quietest, most reserved kids had opened up, smiling, laughing and recalling how things were before the tsunami.

Sponsored by the new ‘NANOX‘ for the iPod Nano

FOLLOW Josephon the Social channel of your choice – please share with your friends & network as your way of cheering him on!

Example Tweets or updates to send (cut & paste them):

Watch out for Joseph Tame at this years #Tokyo #Marathon this Sunday. He’ll be looking like this http://flic.kr/p/bvWHjr in his latest model iRun AIR!

Wow, check out this Apple i-contraption this guys wearing in the Tokyo Marathon, broadcasting it Live on the web http://is.gd/L3tPEX

Tokyo Marathon 2012 Live! | Joseph Tame wearing an iRun AIR & Broadcasting live here http://is.gd/L3tPEX #Japan